XMind 8 Pro 3.7.8 Crack With Patch Full Free Download

XMind 8 Pro 3 Crack incl Serial Number Full Version 2021

XMind 8 Pro 3.7.8 Crack the entire design idea of ​​XMind Pro 3, which has been popular and perfect for over a decade. Xmind 8 Pro offers another rich image design to share maps of different locations, custom and imported resources (PDF, Office, Mindmanager, and Freemind), and more. XMind 8 features new quality and customization, excellent usability, extensive cloud flow, and can accurately use and refine your smart map.

XMind 8 Pro 3.7.8 Crack With Patch Full Free Download

The XMand 8 Pro 3 Make button can be used to create inspirational files such as puzzles and fish maps, as well as special characters that can be links and shortcuts. The generated file can be exported as an HTML file or as multiple images.

Typically, XMand 8 Pro 3 licenses are used for scientific management, operations management, meeting minutes, acceptance work (GTD), and more. With this software, you can support a team, manage complex data, capture ideas, and express clear thoughts. Xmind 8 Pro 3 supports graphic design, wood art, animals, fish art, web design, and more.

XMind 8 Pro Key Features:

Share your local network
LNS (Local Area Sharing) allows you to easily and quickly send XMind files to other computers over the LAN. Just drag and drop the XMind files onto the target LNS view to complete the file sharing. You can also send messages via LNS for your teammates to check their maps.

Drill- Down
It is XMind magic that allows you to focus on a specific branch of the mind map. By selecting a topic and clicking the detailed icon on the toolbar, you can display the selected topic and its topics on a temporary mind map without distracting yourself from other topics.

Multi-page printing
By printing a large map on several sheets of paper and then gluing the pieces together, you will not lose any detail of the mind maps. You can also spread them horizontally or vertically across multiple pages for a better overview or to display them as a poster.

Merge the map
The Map Merge feature can help you organize information from multiple maps by combining two maps.

Map plan
Map Shot, unlike a screenshot, allows you to share a map in whole or in part with another person. The area you can choose can form the entire map.

Advanced filter
By filtering the markers or labels in the big project, we will darken the rest of the map and then focus on the most important tasks.

Powerful search
You can find any content in all open files. In this view, you can enter the target content, change the search options, and check the search result.

Audio notes
Helps to capture information spoken during meetings, brainstorming sessions, or other activities. Allows you to annotate topics without writing.

Encrypt with password
Safety is always the priority. XMind keygen allows you to set a password for the XMind file. Without a password, no one can open the file.

When exporting maps to images, you may find them blurred when you zoom in. But now we can check and print your maps at any scale by exporting to SVG.

Online library of mind maps
With an XMind ID, you can post your mind maps to the online mind map library at XMind.net. It’s like an online community.

In this crowded world, we are forced to do more in less time. Starting with a good staff, it meets the requirements of life, work, and study.

A principle of mind mapping is a Welcome image. To help you express your thinking visually, let’s enhance your maps with hundreds of images.

XMind Resource Pack
You can pack and export custom themes, templates, icons, and bookmarks to an XRB file for distribution to others, in a team, or just on different devices.

XMind 8 Pro download

What’s new in XMind 8 Pro 3:

  • Preferences interface optimization
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • New brainstorming and Gantt view
  • Brand new slide-based presentation
  • New ability to work with Office/PDF
  • New audio notes operation interface
  • New clip art and import/export file
  • New user interface and templates
  • New presenting and sharing options

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System Requirements:

  • 800Mhz or greater processor.
  • 256M RAM or higher, (recommend 512M).
  • 200MB free disk space for downloaded files and installation.
  • Internet connection for specific features

How to Crack and Install?

  1. First, download and install XMind 8 Pro.
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  3. Now restart the system
  4. All done
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